Bo Foff

The Electro-Evils Project

The science-fiction narrative takes us to the Gabriel District of megacity Migdal Bavel on 15th of January in the year 161 After Earth, where Dr. Matthew Fox is appointed as the leading researcher for the Electro-Evils Project (launched by the C.O.M. Foundation). His task consists of monitoring and collecting evidence about the life of the Electro-Evils, withouth directly contacting them. Matt disregards this rule and builds a close friendship with one of them – Decay. Learning and understanding more about what it means to be Electro-Evil, Matt realises that he relates to the lived experience of the Electro-Evils more than he does to the ‚human experience‘. After a lenghtly conversation with Decay, Matt builds an incubator in his lab where he encloses himself for over a month. On the 3rd of December 161 AE, they are reborn as Simulacrum.

This narrative is a metaphor for my very subjective process of coming to terms with being trans*. The storytelling combines elements of video, audio, photography and costume design.

The Electro-Evils Project

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