Dustin Buetler

Corporate E-Learning

Enabling Swiss SMBs to understand and address the challenges of implementing digital learning successfully

What is the problem?

Corporate education gets heavily affected by the trend of digitalization and poses several challenges for Swiss organizations. Swiss SMBs are often forced to digitalize parts of their processes, such as in corporate learning, but are not able to transform and facilitate changes like these amongst their employees.


Why should it be solved?

Only two out of ten organizations report that they reached the desired impact of digitalizing corporate learning. The root cause of this low number is often not a bad learning system or irrelevant content but the missing facilitation and support during such a change process towards more digital learning.


How could it be solved?

Through strategic change management of the organization, including communication and co-creation with managing staff, the initial resistance based on uncertainties and fears amongst the staff can be released. Therefore, a booklet that guides organizations through the change process of shifting towards digital learning was created.


For whom is it of relevance?

For Swiss organizations that:

-Plan to provide their staff with e-learning possibilities

-Already have a corporate learning management system that does not get used frequently.

-Cannot measure any positive impact on employees› performance, and the outcome of the corporate e-learning investment.


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