Eun Hae Cho

Enabling desirability

Most building innovation is heavily driven by technology, while human desirability is often overlooked or not explored in design research. This practice has generated a challenging gap between building innovation and user acceptance. In this context, the project proposes an MDP (Minimum Desirable Product) framework and collaborative toolkit for technology-driven research institutes and companies with little to no experience working with design research. The aim of the MDP framework and toolkit is to take desirability into account during the R&D of building innovation. Adapted from Eric Ries› Build-measure-learn cycle, the MDP framework illustrates what needs to be considered in each phase in order to improve a technical prototype towards the minimum desirable product, based on multiple sprints and the continuous discovery mindset. Additionally, the MDP toolkit helps the core team plan, track and communicate design activities to facilitate the MDP approach.

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