Hanieh  Aslani

Building Trust in an Educational Organization amongst Employees

What systemic challenge are you addressing?

Think about your experiences with trust. It is a crucial element in our relationships. Similar to how blood sustains our bodies, trust is important for the thriving of ecosystems, including organizations. The focus of this project is not on trusting others, but on cultivating trustworthiness. It is not a lack of trust, but a lack of trustworthiness that hinders its development. Within the context of education, trust involves a willingness to be vulnerable and take risks. This is especially important at the University of Art and Design, where the changing environment demands risk-taking and collaborative adaptation, hence trust-building in relationships.

What have you done?

I collaborated with a working group at the University of Design and Art to understand their perspective and engage in their daily work. Through workshops, interviews, and a survey, I identified barriers to trust-building. To address this, an intervention was developed focusing on fostering interpersonal relationships and psychological safety.


What has emerged?

What emerged was a behavioral change guide and a three-part concept, with each part serving as a stepping stone: Meeting amongst the leadership team to discuss leadership style and behavioral change guide Cooking ritual with Vice Deans and their areas of responsibility. Informal event with Administrators, Head of Programs, and their Assistants Read more about the intervention in the image below.

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