Joerg Hurschler

The Anatomy Lessons

Artificial intelligences are being created in research to find out how human consciousness works and what relationship humans have with the universe. The goal is to create an AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) that can understand and learn every human intellectual task. To this end, various modules are currently being built that perform individual tasks of human consciousness: Text-to-Image A.I.s, GPT-4, Deep Dream, Deep Fake, etc. In the best case, they can be combined to form a general intelligence. These researches and creations pose several questions to me: What is the ethical responsibility of humans for artificially created intelligences? What if a consciousness is created that is conscious but may not be on the same level as humans or function differently from human consciousness? What ideal human being would serve as a model for an AGI? Why? Who sets the criteria? Based on these questions, I have created a situation reminding of the painting «The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Deijman» (1656) by Rembrandt. For me, this painting symbolises current research, which tries to produce a functioning AGI and in the process demonstrates the intermediate steps to the public.

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