Julienne Lehn

Intimate Partner Violence on Men

Exploring the Barriers of Help-Seeking

Men experiencing intimate partner violence are often overlooked and marginalised. They constitute a ‹hidden› victim group due to societal taboos. Many men experiencing violence in their relationships hesitate to seek help and report the abuse as they face several barriers.


Gender Stigmatisation and Societal Perception on Violence

The research findings highlight the significant role of gender stigma and societal perceptions of violence as key factors contributing to the challenges men encounter when seeking help for intimate partner violence. These factors shape a perspective on intimate partner violence that often overlooks or excludes men, perpetuating a lack of visibility and limited awareness of the issue. Sensitivity to the unique experiences of men is crucial in their response to the violence they endure. Without the awareness that their experiences are not normal, men may face difficulties in acknowledging their situation and accessing the support they need.


Increase the Visibility

To enhance the visibility of the issue, a conceptual strategy involving a sticker awareness campaign and a website was developed. The goal is to draw attention to the topic through the content displayed on the stickers, followed by direct engagement with individuals through the website to inform and empower men to recognise and acknowledge the violence and seek help. This concept contributes to a more inclusive and gender-sensitive approach to addressing intimate partner violence and aims to create a safer and more equal society with reduced harm and discrimination because violence goes beyond individual concerns and has a societal impact, making it a cultural issue that affects us all.

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