Justine Klaiber

Lost Touch

The fear of losing a loved one is something that almost everyone can relate to. On the one hand, it is the fear of losing that deep personal connection to that person, but it is also the fear of being alone. The concept for «Lost Touch» is inspired by these feelings, but it goes a step further. In this film I try to convey the feeling of loneliness and lostness after losing the connection to an important person. At first glance the connection seems brutally cut, but on closer inspection something remains, like an invisible trace on the skin after a touch. Be it through memories or on a spiritual level; this soul connection gives comfort and gives us strength.


In the Concept track of the Master Animation the concept, story and design of the film were developed. The production of the film, i.e. the animation, the clean-up, compositing and the sound level, will be implemented following the study.

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