Lara von Däniken

Digital Transformation

A human-centered approach to making digital learning opportunities equally accessible for all employees



How does digitalisation cause problems for employees in Swiss small and medium-sized businesses? How were these problems identified? Watch the video for a short introduction into my thesis.
This thesis was realised in collaboration with the practice partner Victorinox which kindly provided context and expertise.

Process and Research


First, I conducted primary and secondary research to understand the problem and its underlying causes. These dynamics were visualised and analysed in a system map, a problem map and a stakeholder map. The analysis made clear that the most significant problem area to address is the employees’ attitude, mindset, and fears. Next, prototypes have been co-created with user-designers who serve, who are served, and who are affected by the system. Have a look at the image of the problem map, or the GIF from the prototyping session for more insights…

Problem Map (enlarge)

Intervention (Solution Approach)


The intervention to address the problem area is a learning campaign consisting of learning experiences that make up a holistic learning journey for employees. The campaign encourages Learning Management System (LMS) usage, is built upon the AIDA model, and follows the design principles of an integrated communication campaign. The employees’ learning journey was developed to integrate the learning experiences into each stage of the employment period. This demonstrates how the solution approach forms part of the wider work environment. Look at the strategic outline, the learning experiences video, or the learning journey to better understand the final solution approach.

Final Approach (enlarge)

Value Creation

How does this intervention create value for relevant stakeholders? Click the podcast below to hear it directly from the relevant stakeholders who were interviewed.




Learning Journey (enlarge)