Linda Tartamella

Improving the effectiveness of a Vehicle Breakdown Company

Supporting Customer Service Employees with quick and straightforward access to information

Sensing the system

This Bachelor‘s Thesis was accomplished in collaboration with the practice partner VehicleAssistance (invented cover name), a Swiss vehicle breakdown company. The firm has difficulties improving and simplifying the access to the needed information for the Customer Service Employees. In today‘s fast-changing infrastructure technology, it is essential and challenging for organisations to remain responsive.



Due to the conducted secondary research, I clearly understood how an information system (2) consisting of three components “people, process, technology” works. Furthermore, my role during this project was to understand and identify the issues within the Customer Service Department by conducting primary research (surveys, observations, interviews, and conversations) and analysing the three components of the company based on the information system theory.



When mapping the gained findings within the problem map, the general issues within the three components were crystallised:

  • People: Complex organisational structure and loss of employee knowledge
  • Process: Not recorded properly
  • Technology: Not up-to-date, illogically structured, and not centralised


As the management has other unknown priorities, the proposed intervention intends to optimise and reorganise the currently used platform with the available technical resources and create a solid base. The currently used digital platform “KnowledgeBase” is a platform mainly used by Customer Service Employees. They can find important information about tools, processes, documents, training materials, systems and phone numbers. Consequently, I developed, prototyped, tested and evaluated the concept “KnowledgeBase Reorganisation” to ensure its effectiveness and viability. The chosen final intervention would greatly benefit its stakeholders as it helps create a solid, easily accessible, and quick knowledge and information base for the Customer Service Employees.


(2) The information system is seen as the bridge between people and technology and covers the information as a whole. It collects many data sets that ensure the successful completion of a business objective.

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