Lisa Kraan

Mitigating the Impacts of AI-based Tools on Diversity and Bias in the Design Management Program

The widespread of bias and misinformation through AI

In today’s digital age, AI-based tools have become increasingly prevalent, and students in the Design Management program at HSLU rely on these tools for their research and language-related needs. However, the uncritical replication of existing patterns by AI tools, including potentially harmful information, can have far-reaching consequences. This includes the internalization of misinformation and biased perspectives, perpetuated by the AI tools themselves. This raises significant social concerns as the impact extends beyond language assistance, contributing to the exclusion of certain social groups and a loss of diversity in society.


Why do students use AI-based tools?

Research findings suggest that students› use of ChatGPT is influenced by the pressure they mainly create themselves to express their thoughts in a sophisticated manner that aligns with academic standards. Additionally, students perceive ChatGPT as a more efficient and organized research tool compared to traditional methods. This preference for structure and efficiency is driven by their feeling of being overwhelmed by the demanding workload associated with their studies.


Reducing insecurity and fostering diversity through global exchange

To address these concerns and promote diversity, critical thinking, and reduced bias, an intervention called «The EcoVerse Forum» has been introduced. This online platform serves as a discussion forum for students in the Design Management program and partner universities of HSLU. The aim of the EcoVerse Forum is to provide a platform for underrepresented voices and initiate conversations about AI-generated output. Through this forum, the voices that are often unheard are given the opportunity to speak and contribute to the discourse surrounding AI and its impact.

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