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Caregivers' Impact on Youth Mental Health in Switzerland

The well-being of society is closely linked to the mental health of its youth, as the consequences of untreated or neglected mental health problems affect the economic, educational, social, and public health sectors.

Almost half of young people in Switzerland, aged 14 to 19, struggle with feeling down, and one out of three have low self-confidence, making them more vulnerable.
The thesis aimed to explore this complex issue, identify key people involved, and take action in influential areas to bring positive change.


Building a Supportive Foundation: Caregivers and Youth Mental Well-being

Caregivers have a significant impact on teenagers› lives, and their support is crucial for mental well-being. This intervention aims to provide caregivers with the necessary tools and knowledge to support young people’s mental health. By raising awareness and offering education, we can ensure that teenagers receive the assistance they need and don’t face challenges alone.


What have you done?
The WeCare app was developed to address the challenges faced by caregivers in promoting adolescent mental health and enhancing life competencies. It serves as a comprehensive support tool designed to provide caregivers with the necessary resources and guidance to effectively support their children’s mental well-being during the crucial teenage years.

The app works in conjunction with a booklet that is provided to caregivers when their children enter 7th grade. This booklet acts as a valuable guide, offering an overview of mental health and providing essential advice for caregivers as they navigate the complexities of supporting their teenagers. By equipping caregivers with knowledge and strategies, the booklet helps them remain effective and successful in their caregiving role.

Together, the WeCare app and booklet form a comprehensive and integrated support system for caregivers. By prioritizing mental health and enhancing their own skills, caregivers are empowered to provide optimal support and promote the overall well-being of adolescents.

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Michelle is so intelligent and I think this App is really important to the society

Andrea Felix

Great job!! Such an important topic taken with so much professionalism and accuracy. I really hope your message will be heard so we are able to acknowledge and approach the issue soon enough for the future generations. Bravo!!


Great job, a real important topic! Well done! Hopefully this will help everyone, thanks for your work!


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