Nadja Bolliger



How does the hand grasp? It is a person’s most vital tool. In everyday life it is mostly used unconsciously. But what happens when it no longer functions as usual? Using the form of a teapot, Nadja Bolliger explores the handle, spout and lid with a knob. She develops a durable solution, thereby devising a system of gripping, pouring and cleaning the teapot, using an occupational-therapeutic approach, that avoids hand fatigue, especially for people with hand ailments. In addition, the object is equally intended for older people, and in general all of us with healthy hands, who are obliged, in the long term, to search for a customised alternative. This universal teapot is designed to make tea- time a pleasure for everyone whatever their hand impediments, fostering use without the discomfort of straining their hands.


Competence Center for Hand Therapy, Lucerne Erika Amstutz Käslin
Julia Kolb
Evelyn Grunder
Chenrui Zhao
Wood Workshop, HSLU – D&K 3D Workshop, HSLU – D&K


Thai Hua
Mònica Gaspar

Praktische Arbeit

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