Samuel Thoma

Building Financial Resilience

Empowering Migrant Communities

What Systemic Challenge Are You Addressing?

The thesis addresses the systemic challenges faced by migrants in managing their finances which poses significant barriers to the economic, social, and psychological well-being. Language barriers, limited financial knowledge, and inadequate support networks contribute to their financial struggles, impeding informed decision-making, resource access, and effective navigation of the Swiss financial system.

What Have You Done?

A comprehensive research process encompassed interviews, workshops, literature review, and co-design methods involving migrants and experts. Through this approach, valuable insights were gained, paving the way for developing essential design criteria and an intervention to enhance financial literacy, foster social integration, and support migrants. By addressing the challenges faced, this research approach facilitated the creation of an intervention tailored to the specific needs of the target group.


How Do You Help?

An interactive cooperative card game was designed that enhances financial skills, knowledge, and awareness. By simulating realistic financial challenges, the game empowers players to make informed decisions, improve financial literacy, and gain access to support services.

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