Thirza Ingold

Kill Your Darlings

Farmer Olga lives with her three pigs on an idyllic farm. Olga adores her lively little animals. But she also loves ham and sausages – a dilemma! In a fit of lust for meat, Olga slaughters two of the three pigs. The remaining animal becomes fearful and hides behind the barn from then on.

Olga is full of regret. Meanwhile, the two slaughtered pigs find themselves on a cloud, floating high above the farm. They delight in the fluffy, soft landscape and begin to play. Then they discover that various actions on the cloud directly influence the weather. And thus also on the events on the farm. When below them, Olga‘s meat supplies begin to run low, the two pigs on the cloud decide to act to prevent another slaughter, unwittingly starting a cycle of destruction. A story about the price of greed and short-term thinking.

Website Kill Your Darlings

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