Tijana  Wekker


A Cydog approach

Using robotics and haptic technology, this study explored enhanced communication and navigation for those with multiple disabilities. In collaboration with Microsoft, we utilized a Boston Dynamics Spot, a HoloLens headset, and a haptic glove, alongside a touch-based communication system, protactile, aiming to foster inclusivity.


The Spot was employed as an indoor guide dog, controlled by gestures via the HoloLens and bolstered by MRMaps (colocalization) for efficiency and response. The haptic glove intensified touch communication, enabling effective environment interaction.


This use case emphasized the early involvement of targeted individuals in design, ensuring solutions align with their needs and improving efficiency by reducing reverse engineering. With a focus on multiple disabilities, this approach widens the audience reach and promotes accessibility. The experiment demonstrated that technology can dismantle barriers and bridge gaps towards a more inclusive society.


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