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LGBTQ+ Education

Integrating LGBTQ+ Topics in Swiss Primary Schools - A Human-Centred Approach

Teaching about LGBTQ+ topics at a young age is important so that students get familiar with them and are more likely to develop an open and tolerant mindset.
However, many teachers do not address it or only related to sex education and bullying prevention. This can lead to queer topics being silenced, sexualised or pathologized.

To improve the situation of teachers not talking about LGBTQ+ topics an intervention was developed in collaboration with 15 teachers. The result was a teaching unit about same-sex love and marriage. It is centred around a children’s book by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland called King & King. In the teaching unit the educators have access to several activities that address the topic of same-sex love and marriage.

The teaching unit can help to address the topic of same-sex love and marriage to children in primary school and aims to encourage teachers to talk about queer topics with their students.

For Whom?
All educators are invited to use the teaching unit and adapt it to their needs and capabilities of their classes. The content of the teaching unit is aimed at first and second grade students but can be used by anyone who is interested. The memory game in the teaching unit can also be used by families.

Educators can use the teaching unit from beginning to end or pick out activities that they would like to implement in their classes. The different activities each last from 20 minutes to 45 minutes.

Die Unterrichtseinheit zum downloaden (DE)

Download the Teaching Unit (EN)

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