Yoni Ben-Zur

BRANDS TAKE A STANCE: How to improve brand activism in the Swiss sports industry


Brandstakeastance: An online platform that focuses on brand activism actions and the. Interaction between brands and their consumers.



Brand activism received much attention in recent years due to its possibilities to engage with consumers, also in Switzerland in the sports industry. This corporate activity offers brands a way to engage with consumers. Thus, not all consumers perceive brand activism actions the same way; complications are inevitable. This thesis developed a solution that helps brands and consumers exchange information to make brands’ activism actions more authentic and impactful.


Demo (Figma)


Researching the problem area and identifying the crucial issues was crucial to frame the solution. As a result, the mobile application allows brands to exhibit their brand activism actions & campaigns and enables consumers to review and rank these actions. To evaluate the creation of value by the prototype, personas were created based on interviewees.



The online application targets brands and consumers alike. Brands act as content creators by displaying their brand activism actions, whereas the consumers are the evaluating force by reviewing and ranking the brands. Consumers profit from identifying purposeful brands and learn what brands share their values. Additionally, brands benefit from an additional tool to engage with their customers and apply their branding strategy.

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