Boryana Yotova

Kunst + Vermittlung


During my studies I became very interested in the concept of book dramaturgy, and how artist’s books, through said dramaturgy, break the line of our conventional reception as readers.

The first part of my graduation project is inspired by the form of the so called “magic photo cube”. Each book depicts scenes from mine or my flatmates’ dreams.
This shared environment of people living in separate spaces, yet conjoined together in certain ways, is parallel presented in the book’s form. In the process of “reading”, the reader breaks the scenes and witnesses them interacting with one another, fragments finding new places and new meaning.


+ Vermittlung

The second half of my project consists of organizing the Artists’ Books Pop-Up Shop and Exhibition in Hergiswil NW, where a garden pavilion will provide a temporary scene for the dream cubes alongside other artists› books.

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