Jonas Di Lorenzo


A collaborative motorcycle journey platform

Riding a motorcycle stands for freedom, individuality, friendship and adventure. In our performance-oriented society, factors such as career, family or other commitments are very important. When an opportunity for a spin arises, these are usually of short durations. The dream of a motorcycle trip is thus postponed indefinitely. With Mojo I present a solution that makes it possible to quickly escape the everyday live and explore Switzerland with your friends. You can easily coordinate and plan your next group motorcycle trip together. The Mojo platform allows to set up a trip, vote on the trip settings and lets you create a route collaboratively. So, the focus is on travelling together and explore Switzerland from a new angle. The discovery trip starts right in front of your garage door and leads through Switzerland. No need to sacrifice holidays to travel abroad. Because even on a two-day trip you can have a good time with friends, satisfy your urge to discover and recharge your batteries.

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