Thierry Fehr

Is your relationship gender trapped?

The lack of female physicians in leading positions at Swiss hospitals

The problem
Even though women make up almost half of all physicians in Swiss hospitals, only 13% reach chief physician positions. Misogynistic organizational cultures, stressful working conditions, and relationship challenges around gender stereotypes are the reasons for this problem. However, the underlying causes for all three problem areas are the deeply entrenched gender-stereotypical expectations in our society. Women should be caring and modest, and men should be strong and assertive. As a result, female physicians tend to contribute more to housework while their husbands have career priority.


The intervention
Focusing on relationship challenges around gender stereotypes, a card game for couples was designed. The proposed design intervention aims to raise awareness around gender-stereotypical relationship patterns and their consequences. It enables couples to learn more about each other’s emotional worlds and stimulates a reflection and conversation about them to better achieve an egalitarian relationship.
To reach its full effectiveness, the design intervention needs a distinct implementation plan. A campaign around gender stereotypes in relationships raises awareness of the issues. Furthermore, a packaging that encourages people to share the game with each other should create a Guerilla approach further spreading the word.


The learnings
The following three learnings have been the main takeaway from writing the thesis:

– Problems can be reframed almost indefinitely. Deciding which one you want to tackle while considering its relevance is the way to go.

– People might not be aware of subconscious behavioral and thinking patterns, making it very challenging to find out more about these patterns in primary research and prototype testing.

– It is not worth pursuing stress even though it might present itself as a compelling force.

Bachelor Thesis

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