Anke-Birgitta Doppstadt

When a chronic disease controls your life

“Mygutfeeling“ is a physical tool in the form of a pyramid.
The pyramid consists of 6 individual steps, including exercises from two therapeutic approaches, „MBSR“ (mindful based stress reduction) and „ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy).
A website supports the pyramid, providing additional video material for the user.
The tool aims to offer IBD patients a basis to accept the disease better and improve their quality of life.

The healthcare sector is an important and widely branch, as we can see it during the current Covid-19 pandemic. It has a sustainable aspect to create a solution based on the needs of special patients.

The solution is based on a human-centered approach, therefore interviews with 25 (female and male) IBD patients were conducted.

The solution is particularly for IBD patients who are suffering from the disease and have problems to accept the illness. Furthermore, it addresses the surrounding of the patient like the family and friends or peers from work.
Another target group member are associations as they are helping patients with valuable information about the disease in different categories.

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