Elina Infanti


Measures to Improve the Social Interaction of Remote Workers in order to enhance their Working Experience

A major challenge remote workers are faced with in the home office is to maintain communication and social interaction with their coworkers, due to their physical absence. Furthermore, they struggle to create clear work-life boundaries as they often work longer days or are contacted by coworkers after working hours.

The Availability Indication System allows the users to easily update their availability status by choosing from status indicated through colours. Furthermore, the users can combine their media within one platform and show how they can be contacted. If a coworker is contacted through the AIS the tool automatically re-directs them to the corresponding platform.

By organizing the contacts, indicating the availability status and the preferred communication media, the solution helps to make the interaction amongst coworkers more convenient and manageable. Furthermore, through indicating their status, the users can set clear boundaries between work and free time. By communicating presence and absence the user can prevent work-related calls and messages at inappropriate times.

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