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From research to innovation -the BRIDGE funding program

From research to innovation -the BRIDGE funding program

BRIDGE is a funding program of the SNSF and Innosuisse. Since 2017, it has been supporting projects bridging basic research and innovation. BRIDGE thus complements the other funding offers of the SNSF and Innosuisse.

Support is provided to researchers whose results have potential for an innovative product or service. However, further work is needed to clearly determine the potential. The BRIDGE contributions make this possible. In this way, they accelerate the transfer of research results into the economy and society.
Proof of Concept is aimed at young researchers, Discovery at experienced researchers from all disciplines. We are investing 105 million Swiss francs in BRIDGE projects between 2021 and 2024.
Elected by the SNSF and Innosuisse, the Steering Committee is responsible for the successful implementation of the programme. Its members come from research, industry and public administration. Operational management is entrusted to the BRIDGE Office. The Steering Committee has appointed two evaluation panels of experts to assess the applications.

What you get from BRIDGE
For young researchers:

  • Project funding for a duration of 12 months
  • Coverage of salary and project-related expenses, capped at 130,000 Swiss francs annually
  • Support for participation in Innosuisse’s Start-up Training program and the Assisted Patent Search scheme offered by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI).
  • Additionally, applicants are encouraged to explore Innosuisse’s Initial Start-up Coaching.

For experienced researchers:

  • Project funding spanning up to four years
  • Total project costs not to exceed 850,000 Swiss francs per applicant over the four-year period
  • Coverage of project employee salaries and related expenses
  • While salary coverage is not included in the BRIDGE Discovery budget, applicants affiliated with a university of applied sciences and arts or the CSEM may qualify for a salary supplement under specific conditions.

Who can apply for a grant?

For young researchers

  • You gained research experience as part of a bachelor’s or master’s degree, which you completed within the last four years, or:
  • You are about to complete your PhD within the next six months, or:
  • You hold a PhD obtained within the last four years.
  • Your Swiss research institution will support you for the duration of the project.
  • You are submitting your application as an individual and not as part of a group.

For experienced researchers

  • You are carrying out research at a Swiss university, federal institute of technology, university of applied sciences and arts, other research institution as defined by the Federal Act on the Promotion of Research and Innovation (RIPA; Article 4 & Article 5).
  • You have the skills required to lead a research project independently.
  • You are able to manage the project’s scientific and non-scientific staff.
  • You are submitting your proposal as a single applicant or as part of a small consortium (maximum of three applicants).

Submission deadline
For experienced researchers: 13.05.2024
For young researchers: 03.06.2024


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