13. Mai 2024

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SwissHacks 2024: From Idea to Impact

SwissHacks 2024: From Idea to Impact

Are you interested in joining an event that could potentially redefine the finance industry? SwissHacks 2024 aims to bring together a diverse group of individuals – students, developers, finance experts, designers, marketers, and more – to collaborate and innovate within the financial sector.

During this 48-hour event, participants will engage in intense ideation, collaboration, and creativity, focusing on real-life challenges in finance. The goal is not just to brainstorm ideas but to develop tangible solutions. Workshops, mentoring sessions, and feedback will support teams in transforming concepts into validated prototypes.

The highlight of the event is the opportunity to showcase projects to a prestigious jury. Prizes await the most innovative teams, but the true reward lies in the impact made on the future of finance.

Here’s why you should consider joining SwissHacks 2024:

  1. Skill Development: Whether you’re experienced or new to finance, SwissHacks 2024 offers opportunities for learning and growth, from ideation to prototyping to pitching.
  2. Networking: Forge valuable connections with fellow participants, industry experts, mentors, and jury members, enhancing your presence in the financial innovation ecosystem.
  3. Prizes: Compete for exciting rewards, from event invitations to incubation program tickets, showcasing your innovative ideas.
  4. Enjoyment: While focused on innovation, SwissHacks 2024 also offers a chance for fun and camaraderie through side programs and activities.


Application Deadline: 31.05.2024, 12.00 am CET

Hackathon Kickoff: 28.06.2024

Final presentations: 30.06.2024

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something Special and contribute to shaping the future of finance.


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