24. Mai 2024

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S2S Ventures – Backing student founders from Swiss higher education system

S2S Ventures – Backing student founders from Swiss higher education system

S2S Ventures is an independent students-2-students VC fund. Their mission: To educate, accelerate, and invest up to 25,000 CHF in pre-seed capital in emerging student founders from any university campus in Switzerland.

The fund began raising independent LP capital in the summer of 2021, led by a founding team of six students and three board members. Since then, they have deployed over 600,000 CHF into more than 20 student startups. Their portfolio reflects diversity across various sectors, from healthtech innovations improving preventive care services to customer services facilitating selection of the best storage solutions.

This commitment underscores the team’s dedication to nurturing student entrepreneurs.

The S2S team operates in three main hubs: Lausanne, Zurich, and St. Gallen. Comprising over 30 active students supported by numerous alumni, each team includes investment analysts and community managers from diverse academic backgrounds. Their expertise ranges from bachelor’s to PhD studies in fields such as computer science, sustainable management, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, banking, finance, and more.


Email: hello@s2s.vc
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S2S Ventures is not just a fund; it’s a community of ambitious students eager to contribute to the local student and startup ecosystem.

Have an exciting project in mind? They’re eager to hear about it and would love to help turn your project into a student-led startup.

Moreover, if you’re interested in gaining hands-on experience in the VC industry, be sure to follow them on social media for updates on next semester’s applications.


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