Magdalena Tomoff

In a White Room with Piranhas

«In a White Room with Piranhas» deals with the challenges of colour selection in healthcare buildings. The synonym «piranhas» in the title stands for the complex and often unruly target group in the healthcare sector and illustrates how difficult it is for colour designers to win them over to change. White, the most commonly used colour in healthcare, accepted without question.
The aim of this thesis project is to present new approaches to the colour design of healthcare spaces by balancing creativity and scientific data. The result is an in-depth exploration of colour gradients from over 200 landscape images and materials using data-driven strategies and participatory techniques. These techniques include colour experimentation on walls and textiles to create immersive spatial experiences that evoke associations with, for example, a misty mountain landscapeThis Master’s project integrates theory and practical application, focusing on real-world references and various design skills such as spatial modelling, textile printing, colour systems, digital visualisation and collaboration with partners. The research will inspire innovative designs for healthcare buildings and help industry partners refine products to meet the changing needs of the healthcare sector. The work has the potential to create immersive environments that can increase patient well-being and reduce stress in the healthcare sector.

Swiss Center for Design and Health
Création Baumann
Keim Farben


Awarded the zeugindesign Foundation prize

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