Luisa Mohler

Male Birth Control

A design management approach to understand male contraception methods’ market difficulties

WHY – As of today no contraception methods for men, despite of condoms or vasectomy, are available on the market. This directly hinders a gender equal responsibility delegation in terms of family planning.

HOW – Obstacles for these methods include the lack of the industry’s interest or funding difficulties. But, social barriers weight even heavier. Tackling the problem at its roots the core lays in the lack of good partnership communication. Therefore, the biggest obstacle hindering an equal responsibility delegation in terms of family planning are couples themselves.

WHAT – The card game for couples aims to enable the exchange of mutual needs and demands in terms of contraception, to promote partnership communication and to enhance trust between partners. By changing couples perception towards contraception being a joint responsibility, the solution overcomes social barriers hindering the development of new male contraception methods and contributes to a gender equal society.

Awarded the zeugindesign foundation prize

Playing Set (to print at home)


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