Nikoletta Temelkou

Humanizing Classrooms

„Humanizing Classrooms“ aims to explore the issue of student fatigue with the overarching objective of discovering effective strategies to reduce tiredness, enhance learning outcomes, and promote overall well-being.


Student Burnout
Fatigue often leads to burnout. Burnout symptoms arise as a consequence of the pressure to perform and prioritize the fulfillment of academic expectations and success above emotional well-being.

Expectations and Negative Emotions as Main Energy Drainer
Expectations serve as the primary underlying source of tiredness The pressure to fulfill all expectations traps students in a harmful cycle, leaving them feeling powerless to manage other energy-draining factors independently. This leads to the feeling of negative emotions, which contribute to high energy costs.


Education Needs To Restore Connection
First, there is a disconnect from oneself. Students‘ sense of purpose in learning, feelings, and behavior is lost. Second, there is a disconnection between people. Students› and teachers‘ relationships, as well as students‘ relationships with one another, are disrupted. Third, there is a separation from one‘s surroundings. Learning takes place only in classrooms, isolated from environments such as society and nature.


Humanizing Classrooms Kick-Off Program
The kick-off program’s content aims to provide students with the needed foundation to establish skills to restore their relationships with themselves and others. It will help them build profound competencies such as curiosity, communication, composure, connection, compassion, collaboration, and criticism. These competencies are critical for keeping students from becoming overwhelmed by interpersonal and intrapersonal conflicts. Students may manage such conflicts more successfully using the acquired skills and knowledge during the kick-off. This way students can turn conflicts into opportunities for growth and learning.

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