9. Juni 2017


End of Semester Raclette Party

End of Semester Raclette Party

Keimer Imke HSLU W
von Prof. Dr. Imke Keimer, Dozentin und Projektleiterin am Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen Zug IFZ

It is already a small tradition for the students of the MSc in International Financial Management (IFM): At the end of the semester Prof. Dr. Linard Nadig invites the students and alumni of the program over to his house for a raclette party.  As usual, Linard Nadig and his wife welcomed the students and IFM lecturers warmly.

Beer benches and tables were arranged in the garden and a delicious smell came from a single table placed at a corner of the garden. One of Linard’s sons operated the raclette grill spreading warm melted cheese on the plates of the hungry visitors. Accompanied by a refreshing beer or a glass of white wine, the evening was the perfect end of a warm summer day and a challenging semester.

Next to a variety of international deserts made by the students, this year, Dr. Markus Gisler and students Silvan Bättig, Jacqueline Dannenhauer, Fabian Marty and Léna Tripet were responsible for introducing a new kind of fancy food: dried mealworms and crickets either slightly salty or rather spicy. The edible insects are an important part of a business plan the students are currently developing. Even though they are claimed to be a great source of protein, not everyone dared to try them.

A big thank you to the Nadig family for having us! It was a great evening!

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