21. September 2018



MSc IFM: Start of the Semester

MSc IFM: Start of the Semester

Prof. Dr. Imke Keimer, Head of MSc International Financial Management, Prof. Dr. Stefan Hunziker, Head of MSc International Financial Management and Marcel Greimel, Master’s Assistant at the Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ

This week 23 students from 14 different nations were welcomed to the MSc International Financial Management at the Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ. During the introductory day, the students were introduced about the characteristics of Swiss culture and had the opportunity to meet their new classmates.

Apart from receiving general information on the MSc programme, the new students were informed about their exchange semester and dual degree opportunities abroad. Due to the flexible time models of the MSc IFM, an exchange semester can be easily integrated into the programme. Further, the MSc IFM offers dual degrees opportunities with partner institutions in Australia (Melbourne) and China (Hong Kong). Here, students get the chance to complete two complementary master degrees – one in Switzerland and one at the partner institution.

A further highlight of the introduction day was the presentation about “Swissness” which offered insights to foreign students about the specialties of the Swiss culture. One of those specialties of the Swiss culture is the love for aperitifs. Thus, the introductory day ended with such an aperitif and the tension and nervousness of being a new student gave quickly way to looseness and everybody could toast with the new classmates to the start of the studies.

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