4. März 2020







von Waldemar Boos, Masterassistent am Institut für Finanzdienstleistungen Zug

On Tuesday, February 18th, the MSc International Financial Management class at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences successfully started the new semester. The kickoff was a social event in which the students were invited to eat fondue in the Apart hotel next door. The total of 64 students from 29 countries showed great interest as numerous registrations went through as early as the announcement was made. In order to cope with the mild temperatures of eight degrees, a close togetherness created a warm atmosphere but above all plenty of mulled wine was consumed.

What could be nicer than a warm mulled wine together with a delicious fondue on the open flame during these chilly winter days? Now that was exactly the thought process of those responsible for the MSc IFM at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences. They have organized a fondue meal for their students in the nearby Apart hotel as part of a social event. After only a short amount of time, the students confirmed their interest through countless sign-ups. The anticipation of the event was written on most people’s faces and many talked about the event days before already.

For many, the evening started with a meeting in the reception hall inside building A of the new campus in Rotkreuz, Zug. From there, all participants walked directly to the nearby Apart hotel. The students were heartily welcomed by the staff, who led them into the front yard and familiarized them with the ambience. Once there, everyone started to prepare in their own way for the upcoming cool evening. Some put on earflaps, while others rushed straight to the mulled wine stand. Holiday reports, from exotic places in particular, ensured additional levels of warmth, if only imaginary.

The longer the evening went, the more people longed for closeness, which was no small indebted to the mulled wine. In the further course the individual tables were pulled together and the fondue was shared among all participants. The waitresses had a very hard time to keep up since the cheese pot and the bread basket were emptied rather quickly, especially in the hungry men’s corner. Just like every spring semester, there were also some new students from various backgrounds this time. They too, joined the event and were warmly welcomed by the international group as well as brought up to date with all relevant topics from previous semesters. It was immediately apparent that the new students fitted in with ease as the international aspect is one of the most important reasons for the great cohesion among all students.

The evening ended around 8 p.m., way too early for many which was a clear sign of how much the students enjoyed the social get-together. Usually business comes before pleasure, yet in this case it was a matter of gathering strength and motivation for the upcoming spring semester. Now that the students have filled their bellies and quenched their thirst, there is nothing in the way to continue with the studies.

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