Ein starkes Duo: Cyber Security und Privacy

Ein starkes Duo: Cyber Security und Privacy


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Die CAS und MAS Kurse sind selbsttragend bzw. generieren je nach Belegung Gewinn für die Schule. Bei den regulär Studierenden sieht es anders aus. Da ist der Steuerzahler tatsächlich beteiligt, was ein grosses Glück ist für die Studenten; die Studiengebühren sind extrem niedrig. Interessanter Aspekt betreffend Messenger der GDPR/DSGVO konform ist. Threema behauptet von sich, dass sie die Anforderungen der DSGVO erfüllen. Ich bin der Meinung, dass es nicht die Aufgabe einer Universität ist Apps zu entwickeln. Die Universität hat einen Leistungsauftrag. Allenfalls kann sie unterstützen im Bereich der Konformität oder anderen Forschungsfeldern.


Action - not more words! I understand - to a certain extent - that these blogs are useful to promote new courses. BUT as a univeristy with (hopefully) international reputation LUASA should NOT remix courses around hype terms like ...ware! The basic concepts of the threats mentioned in this blog entry have changed as little as the Swiss criminal code over the past 10 yeras (I hope that Swiss authorities won't turn the criminal code into a wiki, soon, just to introduce new terms for old threats like extorsion). There are hundreds of courses which describe and discuss threats and awareness. From a top university the Swiss tax payer expects solutions, not warnings! It's definitely useful to teach students how "whatsapp-type" software sucks address data from every device it 'invades' and forwards the findings to its "parents" - companies in which 90% of this planet's population seem to trust more than in their government. This is where your efforts should point to! You already have everything: brain power, infrastructure (SWITCH operated), and tens of thousands of well-registered students and faculty (millions if you think of eduroam). Now just answer the questions the interviewer was not able or willing to ask: where is the GDPR-compliant messaging app for academia? why is it not built? for the same reasons why it would never be built in the Silicon Valley? I leave this last puzzle to the reader! Thanks for reading and publishing Indiana Jones


Maurizio Tuccillo

I agree - at least to a certain extent me too ;-) - with Indiana Jones. Would be desirable if universities could act beyond the limits of economic reason. But can the role of the university be to build a GDPR-compliant messaging app no one is willing to use and even worse to pay for? I myself should be happy if first and foremost I could teach students in my courses why at all they should want to have a GDPR-compliant messaging app.

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